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If you've come this far, it's because you're attracted to the idea of a wedding that is 100% YOU. Your big day should be an adventure, and that's exactly what I want to offer you. I'm so glad you're here!

Hi, it's morgane.

More than your photographer

As an elopement photographer, my mission is a little different than a traditional wedding photographer.

Of course, I will document your day from start to finish, in a discreet and caring way, without making you feel like you have to pose for 10 hours. But I'm going to be so much more than that! I'm here to listen to you, get to know you, so I can suggest the best locations for your ceremony and the rest of your day. All according to your desires and capabilities. I will plan everything with you, and also recommend trusted service providers. I would like to be your guide and friend in this experience, so that you will keep an unforgettable memory, because this is what every couple deserves!

Why elope in the great outdoors?

Because our world has become more and more distant from nature, and I am convinced that if humans understood it better, they would better understand the importance of preserving it. Because spending time there has a soothing and relaxing power (it's proven!), and I can't wait to take my couples there.

Because if your happy place is in nature, why not get married there?

More often than not, I see elopement presented as a smaller, shorter alternative to a big wedding.

That's not what I intend to offer here. Sure, there will be fewer guests (or none, if you want to be just the two of you!), but that's it! Whether you're celebrating your love with 150 people or 5, why should the day be shorter? I can assure you that when you're having fun, you don't want it to end!

Between the preparations, the trip, the walk/hike if there is one, the ceremony, the exploration of the place, the activities you have planned (any of them! I'm all for unconventional activities), the hours will fly by and you won't see the time go by. You'll have time to enjoy the presence of your lover and any other people present 200%, and that's what counts for me. That you can soak up every moment in our beautiful nature!


1. We meet on the free consultation call, where we start to dream together about what's possible.

2. You book your date, YAY !

3. I start helping you plan your elopement with the help of questionnaires and guides. I am here to answer all your questions and help you in every step!

4. Everything falls into place, and the big day arrives! You are living your best wedding day, and I am here to guide you and document your love story!

5. You will receive the photos of your epic day within 2 months.


12 hours

Andromeda Collection


The ultimate experience of your adventure told in pictures, from dawn to dusk.

I will be there to accompany you in a discreet way throughout your dream day, and capture every detail. If you want to go on a longer hike, for example, or if you want to go to multiple locations, this collection can be a good option. You can also for example do a part of the day in the mountains, then come down and join your friends and family. 12 hours will allow me to capture both parts of your elopement.

The planning help you need, and my local expertise.

Through questionnaires and our call, I get to know you better so that I can make unique proposals based on your criteria and what is possible. I advise you on the vendors I am used to working with, as well as on eco-friendly options (for example for the dress!) if there's any. I help you plan the timeline of the day in order to optimize your experience, and so that the light is optimal for an incredible rendering of your photos.

My transportation and accommodation costs are covered.

No hidden fees, if I have to drive or sleep somewhere (without my puppies, sniff) for your big day, everything is included. I'll book my own accommodation.