my name is morgane

And I'm your local switzerland elopement photographeR

I can't ask you to trust me without telling you a bit more about myself.

A bit of backstory first.

My name is Morgane Raposo.

i live in a region called Chablais vaudois, in switzerland.

I've often felt like I didn't belong. I'm a hypersensitive person, I cry a lot, I feel too much, I speak too loud. Or so I was told. I've always tried to fit in but in the end never succeded. And it's for the better, because it's when I can be myself that I flourish.

When I'm running with my dog, when we're being dumb with my boyfriend, when I say fuck it to to society's expectations and listen to my own needs (even if that means staying in bed watching a movie with my cat on a Saturday night, when I'm 26 and not a granma yet).

I love hiking and being in nature, so when I discovered adventure elopements, I was over the moon. Like WHAT, you can actually spend your wedding day there ? Sounds like the best plan to me, and I want to take you with me in the swiss Alps, as your elopement photographer.

Let’s get deeper...

I live with Benjamin, a musician-geek-web developer, and together we try to limit our impact on this planet.

I believe that every living species has the right to respect and to a life where it can thrive. For all these reasons, I am vegan (and I only eat salad) (that's not true).

I love to learn new things, and to improve myself every day.

I think that we are never done learning and evolving, and that saying things like "no, but I'm like that, always late" is getting in your own way! I don't think anyone should put themselves in a box, or set limits for themselves.

I love meeting people, learning about them, and discussing our respective experiences. I am interested in everything that exists and is unknown!

As your Switzerland elopement photographer, I know the best places for you to have a great day, surrounded by beautiful nature. And if I don't, I'm ready to discover them all for you.

I like adventure as much as reading a good book in bed, with my cat Isis purring by my side.

what i believe...

It is that the world needs change. People need alternatives. And so does the wedding industry.

With Pinterest and Instagram, brides and grooms-to-be are bombarded with images of beautiful and majestic weddings. You're telling yourself that you wish you had the same dress, that you need that 5000$ flower arch, that absolutely incredible cake, those endless tables decorated like never before. But think about it: do you want this for the image it gives off, or really for YOU? If it's for you, no problem!

But if it makes you think twice about organising such an event... You don't need all this to make your union meaningful.

What is meaningful is that the day reflects you and your values, and that you feel like you belong at all times.

be the change you wish to see in the wolrd. such a cliché, i know. but it's so true!

ready to discover the alternative ?