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I believe that your wedding should look like YOU first and foremost! It doesn't matter what your friends have done, what your mum would like (sorry mums, I love you a lot I promise!), what you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Your couple = your desires, full stop.

Having an elopement guarantees a relaxed day, where you will have time to enjoy every moment with your partner (and your guests if there are any!). It's also a less busy organisational process for you, especially if I'm there to guide you. No more headaches about the table plan, and no more weekends visiting 184 venues!

"You may say, "Of course! But that's the average impact of a wedding. I know, I know, it's "just once in a lifetime"... Except that everyone says that to themselves! But there is still time to change things. As this is a topic that has been close to my heart for a long time, I will be able to advise you on all aspects of planning. I offer you an ecological and nature-friendly alternative...

Choose an intimate mountain wedding : a Switzerland elopement !

So, what’s your

elopement thing exactly ?

Just a sec, I'm coming to that.

In the past, an elopement was a way getting married discreetly, without parental consent.

Nowadays, an elopement is an intentionally simpler wedding than a traditional one. The aim is to focus on your commitment as a couple, and to let go of the expectations and organisational aspects that a traditional wedding would involve.

I know, it's a bit of a loose definition, but that's the magic of it: you can create your dream day from scratch, according to your desires and values. Isn't that nice?

(I'm a vegan, that may be why...)

That's why I'd like to offer you an alternative.

Create your own traditions with an elopement.

Imagine spending your wedding day in nature, alone or with your closest friends and family.

Exchanging your vows in a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains or forests.

Celebrating in any way you like, whether it's with a first dance under the stars, a picnic with champagne, sledging, hiking, whatever makes your heart happy.

Spending the day with your partner, and making the most of these moments.

And also: not worrying at any stage, because I'm here to guide you.


A huge artistic and friendly crush for this woman!

Morgane is not just a photographer but a magician!

She knows how to capture the present moment and the moments of love.

Very professional, she knows how to put the couple at ease right away. It was a great time with her and my husband.

I recommend her 1000%! If you like authenticity, nature and out of the ordinary photos, GO GO GO!

- Audrey & LÉo

your wedding should reflect your relationship:

Authentic & pressure-free.

Why a mountain elopement in Switzerland ?

Because our swiss mountains are the shit!

Why lock yourself in a venue when you can get married in a breathtaking scenery? Well, I ask you!

So if you're the kind of person who spends weekends hiking, or if your happy place is nature... Why not celebrate one of the most important days of your life surrounded by it?

Pssst: you can even bring your dog along. Just saying...

It takes all kinds to make a world.

YOu just need to open the door of Possibilities and look at what's behind it.

So, are you ready?

let's make it happen !

So... Why elopement photographer ?


I deeply believe in the power and magic of nature. Nothing calms me more than spending time in it.

Walking in the forest, sitting on a carpet of moss, watching the water of a river flow, arriving at the top after walking for a few hours and being blown away by the view. Feeling humbled by the mountains.

The Earth was there long before us, and will be there long after us. How can we not feel the need to preserve it?

Taking couples to get married in nature for me is showing them a glimpse of what we all have a duty to care about. It's taking them out of their everyday lives, and back to a simpler but essential connection between them and the Earth.

... & love.

I am also a wedding photographer. I like to photograph love, to see people happy.

When the bride or groom see themselves in a photo and say to me

"Wow, is that me?", that's the best reward. Because I believe that when you love yourself (and your partner), that's when you're the strongest, and when you feel you can lift mountains. Right ?

And it is when you're driven by love that you can make a difference and have a positive impact.

I also see the behind-the-scenes of a classic wedding: the stress of months of preparation, the groom and/or bride running around on the day, the few seconds spent with each guest, the huge budget for all the rubbish and things that you'll have to sell later.

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